GooZam crowdsources first response through geolocation app

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GooZam - A Difference In First Response.
For many Americans, the ability to call 911 is the primary reason they own a cell phone. About 70% of the 240 million calls made to 911 each year in the U.S. alone are placed from wireless phones, and the rate is increasing.
The problem with 911 calls made from cell phones is that they are not pinned to a fixed location. And, usually, 911 dispatchers would have to ask for the caller’s location or have the emergency system query the nearest cell tower which can result in minutes of response time delay and does not always work. So what good is 911 if the distressed could not be located at all or at least in a timely manner?
In today’s age where most anything can be on demand and based on nearest location, GooZam has envisioned a solution through a location-context rescue app that can hail nearby CPR-trained GeoVolunteers to respond while the conventional 911 service is on its way. The GooZam Organization believes that many of the deaths or severe impairments caused by life-threatening events, can be mitigated through crowdsourced first response and that survivability could be that extra few minutes of CPR until the ambulance or emergency transport arrives.

The coined term “GeoVolunteer” is the life of the app. The term Geo refers to a geographical location. This means that the nearest volunteer to the distressed can respond at the soonest time possible. In any emergency situation, each second between the arrival of the police or an ambulance can be the definition of whether a person survives or not.

In today’s scenario of massive migrations, earthquakes, tsunami, calamities, storms, floods, and terrorism, in addition to a country’s emergency capacity load, the need to wide-scale GeoVolunteering is great. GooZam Organization Founder and CEO, Enoch Cruz, on his recent travels to the Philippines, saw the disparity in first response services. Impressed to act upon this need, the GooZam Organization immediately sought alliance with Bike Scouts Philippines (a 1000 member volunteer organization), Advance Aiders, Smart Communications Inc., and local government agencies while continuing to enlist synergies with international volunteer based organizations like Red Cross, American Heart Association, United Way, UNICEF, United Nations humanitarian agencies, and NGOs to scale supply of available GeoVolunteers on the GooZam App.

About the app and features Pressing any of the distress buttons does 6 actions, simultaneously; 1. Dials 911 or the equivalent service, auto-activates speakers for hands-free emergencies. 2. SMS Emergency Contacts with the distressed locations, 3. Hails a GeoVolunteer within proximity, 4. Shoots an email to the insurance carrier. 5. Using data, updates an emergency management web portal, and 6. If enabled posts the configured emergency message onto your Facebook Timeline and sends it to your chosen emergency Facebook Messenger contacts.

The GooZam Organization believes that developing Good Samaritans through the GooZam method of GeoVolunteering and CPR/First-Aid training in tandem with equipping them with the GooZam App and the cloud-based system infrastructure is essential in providing effective crowdsourced first-response.

GooZam – A Difference In First Response.